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Earthquake at Oraíbi frightens people and all run north. Blind man asks cripple for information. They call to each other to come over and finally blind man takes stick and feels his way to cripple's house. Cripple suggests that they also flee, blind man to carry cripple on his back and cripple to show way. Thus they follow others. Elk meets them and cripple wonders what it is. From his description blind man concludes, it is elk. They have bow and arrow, and cripple suggests that blind man shall shoot it, cripple to aim for him. Blind man shoots and kills elk. They have nothing with which to skin animal or cut meat, but they dig eyes out with arrow. They make fire and place eyes on it. Eyes get hot and burst with great report. They jump. and lame man can wall, and blind man can see. They remain awake all night lest they should become lame and blind again. In morning they follow tracks of people and find them in timber. People return to Oraíbi, those two taking lead.

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