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Pöokongs live with grandmother, Spider Woman, at Achámali. They go to look on at dance at Shongópavi. They throw wheels and shoot arrows at them as they go. They come to sand hill where grass is waving, producing hissing noise. They sit down and look at grass dancing. In evening they return and tell grandmother, who calls them fools. She sends them to see dance at Mishóngnovi, and tells them about tray throwing. They get to Mishóngnovi and see dance, but they are so filth, no one invites them to eat. They snatch trays from dancers and run home. They give trays to grandmother, who feeds them, but they are angry at not being fed in Mishóngnovi. Hopi find salt, but salt belongs to Pö'okongs, who remove it far away to give Hopi trouble in getting it.

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