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Pö'okong and his brother live near Shongópavi with grandmother. They play with ball, striking it towards Toríva. They drink at spring and see many báhos. Younger brother swallows báho. Elder brother discovers bowls of paints deposited in recess by Flute priests. He puts some of each paint into ball through holes, and sews them up. They proceed towards Mishóngnovi, and beat ball through village. They enter kiva where Flute priests are assembled and grab tray with lightning frame, thunder board, netted water jug, etc. They go to kiva where Snake priests assembled, and grab bull-snake and carry it off in sack. They beat ball to corn-ear bluffs, where they find many báhos and prayer-offerings. Elder brother refuses to take prayer-offerings, but younger one takes corn báho, watermelon, and melon. They start for Shongópavi and shoot lightning frame and twirl bullroarer. Clouds gather and there is thunder storm. They run towards house and again use lightning frame and thunder board. It thunders hard and lightning flashes. They rush into house and put things they have stolen into two pots, which they cover up. It rains, and Hopi have good crops because Pöokóngyas have those things.

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