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Alíksai! North of Shupaúlavi is the Katcína House (Katcínki). West of this is a bluff, and on top of this bluff used to live an Eagle. One time the Coyote came along. "What are you wandering around for?" the Eagle asked. "Yes," the Coyote said. The Eagle was standing on one foot, having the other foot hidden in his feathers. The Coyote was wondering, and asked: "Why are you standing on one foot?" "Yes," the Eagle said, "I cut one leg off, and so I am standing on one foot." "Is that so?" the Coyote said, and was thinking. "I am envious at you," he said to the Eagle; "I shall try to stand on one leg too; but how did you cut your leg off, bow is that done?" "Why," the Eagle replied, "you just lay your leg across a stone and strike on it with a sharp stone and then it will be cut off, it does not hurt, and you need not be afraid."

So the Coyote hunted for a sharp stone and there was another sharp stone with a sharp edge. He laid his right hind leg across the latter, raised the small sharp stone and cut off his leg. Hereupon the Eagle lowered his second leg, stretched out his wings, and laughed at the Coyote and said: "I have two legs, see here." "Oh!" the Coyote said, "I, poor one, that I thoughtlessly cut off my leg." And while the Eagle flew away the Coyote was crying, and, limping away, probably perished somewhere.

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