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In Háno the people were living. In the winter it snowed very much and there was much snow, and the Hano went hunting. North of the village they were hunting towards the Sun shrine, and they were hunting rabbits there in the snow. There were a great many rabbits. When they had killed a great many they went home, but still hunting. North of Wálpi, at Pûhúvavi there lived the Másauwuu. In order to hunt he lived there. He was also hunting in the night. During the day he was sleeping all day. There were a great many rabbits. When he was still sleeping the Háno arrived. The Másauwuu was living at Big Rock (Wûwû'koa). When the Háno came a cotton-tail was running and they followed him. "Havá! havá!" they said, and pursued him. The rabbit jumped down just where the Másauwuu was sleeping. The Háno also jumped down, making a great deal of noise. The Másauwuu had a great deal of game under the rock.

Now the Másauwuu jumped up quickly and ran. He ran against a point of the rock, then he ran in a different direction and again ran against the rock. He had thus perforated his head. In that way he again ran against the rock from place to place. When his head was full of holes the blood was streaming down. A long time ago he used to have a white head, but on account of the Háno now he always has a bloody head. Now they distributed his game. From there they proceeded, tired. Had the Háno not been going around there the Másauwuu would still have a white head.

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