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The Religion of the Luiseño Indians of Southern California, by Constance Goddard DuBois, [1908], at

p. 166


Music was invented in the earliest times, and Lion, Frog, Eagle, Raven, Deer, and others were the first musicians.

The instrument they used to play on was a flute made of a hollow elder stern or piece of cane, having four holes. It is extremely difficult to play upon this primitive instrument, and only one old Indian at present knows the tunes and the art of playing them.

The First People had a contest to see who could play the best tune, the condition being that the whole of each piece invented by them should be played upon the flute in one breath. So, having composed each a tune, they met at the appointed place to play in turn.

Coyote was artful enough to compose his tune with many pauses in the measure; and at each pause he would secretly draw his breath. So he won in every contest, till it came to be the turn of the Lizard, and he had carefully watched all the time to see how Coyote did it. So when they had a contest, Lizard did just the same, pausing and secretly drawing his breath, as Coyote did; till at last Coyote forgot to do this and stopped, and Lizard beat him in the contest.

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