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by Constance Goddard Du Bois

The Journal of the American Folk-Lore Society, Vol. XVII, No. LXVI. p.. 185-8 [1904]; Vol. XIX. No. LXXII pp. 52-60 and LXXIII. pp. 145-64. [1906].

This is a collection of papers by Constance Goddard Du Bois on the mythology of the Luiseño and Diegueño Indians of Southern California.

JAFL Vol. XIX. No. 73. pp. 145-64. [1906]

Title Page
The Story Of Cuy-a-ho-marr (The Chaup); The Manzanita Version (Diegueño)
Third Version of the Story Of Cuy-a-ho-marr
Comment By Sant Upon The Cuy-a-ho-marr Story

JAFL Vol. XIX. No. 72, pp. 52-60. [1906]

1. San Luiseño Creation Myth
2. The North Star and the Rattlesnake
3. The Story of Ouiot
4. The Story of Ouiot

JAFL Vol. XVII. No. 66, pp. 52-60. [1904]

Luiseño Creation Myth