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Prairie Falcon told his people to prepare. He said, "Get ready, Eagle. Get ready, Flicker. Get ready, Dove. Get ready, Woodpecker. Get ready, Quail. Get ready, Kingbird. Get ready, Hummingbird. We are going. We are going. We are going, going toward the north. Hurry, prepare, for we must go at once, must go at once, must go at once." Thus he spoke, when he told his people to prepare. "We shall take the people. We shall take the people to the place, where my father always goes."

Prairie Falcon said to Eagle, "Tell everyone, Eagle. Tell everyone, Eagle. Have your people prepare. Tell California Jay to come. Tell Coyote to come. Tell Hummingbird to come. We will go to the top of the great mountain."

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Eagle said, "We shall follow our chief to the great mountain. We will go there, so that we may see how the world fares. I hear that a flood approaches. We are all going together. Do not say 'I shall stay home.' We are all going. Do not say 'I am sick.' Do not be lazy. We are all going, going toward the north. We will arrive there. We will see different sorts of people." Thus spoke the chief, when he told his people to prepare.

Prairie Falcon said, "We are all going. Do not stay behind. Take Chief Eagle for a guide. He knows the way. Hurry, the water comes. Do not stay at home, for you will drown. We are all going. We will try to escape from the flood." Thus spoke Prairie Falcon to Eagle. He continued to Eagle, "I do not think that the water will cover the great mountain. If we arrive there before it overtakes us, I think we shall be saved."

They hurried. "The water is just coming over the cliff." said Coyote to Chief Prairie Falcon. Coyote saw the water coming over the bluff. Flicker became frightened and fainted. They called Hummingbird to save Flicker's life.

Coyote said, "I am the only one who will drown, as I cannot run fast enough. One of my legs is cut off." They all went, except Coyote. He could not walk. He stayed on a big log as the water neared him. The water reached him and he floated with the log. Meanwhile, the people gained the mountain top. The water overwhelmed everything, making great caverns in the mountains. Coyote on his log drifted hither and thither and finally stranded in a different country. The water subsided after drowning all human beings.

Eagle said to Rattlesnake, "The flood washed us to this mountain top." Rattlesnake repeated this to his wife, saying, "The water washed those people to our mountain."

The water rose a second time. It rose higher than ever, and it washed down the great mountain where the Rattlesnakes lived. Eagle sent Dove into the air to survey the water for another mountain, where they might take refuge. Then he sent Hummingbird on a similar quest. Hummingbird found dry land, returned, and told Prairie Falcon.

"Hurry, let us go before the water overtakes us," said Prairie Falcon to his people, "for the water still rises." They went, taking Rattlesnake with them. On the way Rattlesnake bit Flicker, who was carrying him. They dropped Rattlesnake in the water, and he had to swim. He swam back to his home, which the water had not quite

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covered. After he arrived there, the water rose higher and completely covered the mountain. Rattlesnake was forced to swim again, but as he could not find land, he became exhausted and was drowned.

Water flooded the entire world. At last Prairie Falcon and Eagle and their people arrived at a piece of dry land. There they found green fruit. Hummingbird told them not to eat the fruit. Then they sent Dove to survey the water and discover how humanity fared. Dove reported that all human beings were dead.

Prairie Falcon and his people were starving upon their piece of dry land. Prairie Falcon again sent forth Dove and Hummingbird with orders to bring back some earth. He told them to obtain mud. He instructed Hummingbird not to suck the flowers and Dove not to eat the weed seed. "Do not forget to bring mud," he said, "Do not eat the weed seed and do not suck the flowers." The water had subsided. Prairie Falcon said, when he sent Dove and Hummingbird, "Do not forget to bring mud. Do not forget to bring mud." Thus he spoke to Dove and Hummingbird. Then the two went to obtain mud. This occurred after all human beings were dead, after they had been drowned and after the great mountains had been changed. Then Dove and Hummingbird went.

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