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The Culture of the Luiseño Indians, by Philip Stedman Sparkman, [1908], at


The most valuable article made from feathers is a sort of apron or waist dress, pa’lut. This extends about half way around the body, the upper portion being net-work. To the lower part of the network the feathers are attached by cutting part of the twine of the network, and tucking it into the hollow of the quill. The wing or tail feathers of only three birds can be used to make this skirt, namely, the golden eagle, the bald or white-headed eagle, and the California vulture or condor. It is worn at the morahash dance.

Another feather object, a long and flat band, is made of a double row of feathers strung on two strings, the quills, which are turned inwards, being perforated, and the strings passed through the perforations. This object is worn slung over one shoulder, so as to hang diagonally across the chest.

A bunch of feathers tied on the end of a stick, cheyat, is fastened on the head and worn at certain dances. The feathers of owls, hawks, and crows are used.

Feathers fastened to a cord so as to form a head-band are worn at several dances and ceremonies.

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