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When Silver-Fox left this world, he said to his sweat-house, "Nobody shall ever come in here," and he left a strong wind there to guard the place. No one dares go near this place, for a whirlwind blows up out of it, makes a noise like thunder, and only shamans can go near; but whoever enters is immediately turned to stone inside. Wolf and Silver-Fox left their power of wind there. Even now, wolves will catch people that come near; and whoever gets inside, turns to white rock.

p. 287

Once a great shaman dreamed of a wolf that was in that sweathouse. He went in. As soon as he got inside, the wind stopped. He went around inside and vomited blood. He said it was an immense sweathouse, as much as a mile across inside. When he came out, he fell down nearly dead. Another shaman cured him. He had seen nothing inside but men turned to stone. Next night this shaman's hair turned as white as snow.

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