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XIX. Hymn to the God of Flowers.

XIX. Macuilxochitl Icuic.


1. Ayya, yao, xochitlycaca umpan iuitza tlamacazecatla tlamocoyoalca.

2. Ayya, yao, ayo intinotzicaya teumechaue oya, yao, tlauizcalac yacallea tlamacazecatlo tlamocoyoualca.

3. Tetzauhteutla notecuyo tezcatlipuca quinanquilican çinteutla, oay.

4. Tezcatzonco moyolca ayyaquetl yya tochin quiyocuxquia noteuh, niquiyatlacaz, niquiyamamaliz, mixcoatepetl colhoacan.

5. Tozquixaya, nictzotzoniyao, yn tezcatzintli tezcatzintli tezcaxocoyeua, tzoniztapaliati tlaoc xoconoctlia ho, a.

Var. 1. Tlamocoioaleua. 5. Tozquiuaia. Tzoniztapalatiati.


1. Q. n., ompa nochan in xochitlicacan in itlamacazqui ni macuilxochitl.

2. Q. n., motilinia in tinoçi in ompa titlaecoltilozque umpa tochan ez.

3. Q. n., yn tetzauitl in tezcatlipoca ca oyaque auh ynic tiui umpa titlananquilizque in centeotl.

4. Tezcatzonco moyolcan, q. n., tezcatzonco oyol in tochtli ynic yaz, oquiyocux, oquipic, y noteuh oquito nittlaçaz, nicmamaliz, in mixcoatepetl colhoacan, id est, nictepeuaz.

5. Tozquixaya nictzotzomiao, q. n., nictzotzona, in tezcatzintli oncan nexa in tezcatzonco, oncan oyol tzoniztapalatiati ocxoni ni octli.

{p. 66}

Hymn to Macuilxochitl.

1. Yes, I shall go there to-night, to the house of flowers I shall exercise the priestly office to-night.

2. We labor in thy house, our mother, from dawn unto night, fulfilling the priestly office, laboring in the night.

3. A dreadful god is our god Tezcatlipoca, he is the only god, he will answer us.

4. His heart is in the Tezcatzontli; my god is not timid like a hare nor is he peaceable; I shall overturn, I shall penetrate the Mixcoatepec in Colhuacan.

5. I sing, I play on an instrument, I am the noble instrument, the mirror; I am he who lifts the mirror; I cry aloud, intoxicated with the wine of the tuna.


As before stated (Notes to Hymn VIII), Macuilxochitl is another title of the flower-god Xochipilli.

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