Sacred-texts Mormonism

Tenderfoot Days

George Robert Bird


This is a memoir by a non-Mormon about his experiences in the prospecting camps of Utah at the turn of the 19th century. It was donated to sacred-texts by the anonymous volunteer who goes by the name of 'Some Dude'. This is a first-person perspective by an outsider to the then newly minted state of Utah, which gives both a sympathetic account of the Mormons, while bringing up some darker aspects about their history. He also presents a stereotypical portrayal of the Native Americans of the region. As always, we encourage readers to consider the historical context in which this book was written, as well as retain a critical point of view.

Title Page and Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Chapter I: Going West in 1874
Chapter II: A Far West City
Chapter III: Pilgrims to a Modern Zion
Chapter IV: Church, State and Camp
Chapter V: The Co-Operative Industry of Utah
Chapter VI: The Valley Settlements
Chapter VII: A Long Ride Through Utah Valley
Chapter VIII: Through Spanish Fork Canyon and Thistle Valley
Chapter IX: Opposition to the Liberal Schools
Chapter X: Behind the Curtain
Chapter XI: The Creed That Caused the Deed
Chapter XII: The Passing Prophet
Chapter XIII: The Mixed Multitude
Chapter XIV: The Old Prospector
Chapter XV: A Lively Mining Camp
Chapter XVI: The Town and Canyon of American Fork
Chapter XVII: Tenderfoot Superintendents
Chapter XVIII: A Tenderfoot's Romance
Chapter XIX: Mind as the Master Worker
Chapter XX: A Latter Day View of a Latter Day State