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Works by the same Author:

* TOWARDS DEMOCRACY: complete Poems. Library Edition, cloth, gilt edge, 506 pp., 3/6 net.

THE SAME. Pocket Edition, India paper, with limp binding and gilt edge, 3/6 net.

ENGLAND'S IDEAL and other Papers on Social Subjects. Fourth Edition, 19o2, pp. 176, cloth, 2/6; paper, 1/-

CIVILISATION: ITS CAUSE AND CURE, essays on Modern Science, &c. Eighth Edition, 1906, pp. 176, Cloth, 2/6; paper, 1/-

ANGELS' WINGS: Essays on Art and Life, with nine full-page plates, cloth gilt, pp. 248, 6/-

ADAM'S PEAK TO ELEPHANTA: Sketches in Ceylon and India. New Edition, 1903, cloth Gilt, 4/6

THE STORY OF EROS AND PSYCHE, with first book of Homer's Iliad done into English, and frontispiece, cloth gilt, 2/6

* IOLÄUS: An Anthology of Friendship. Printed in old face Caslon type, with ornamental initials and side notes; cloth, gilt edge, 2/6 net.

CHANTS OF LABOUR: a Songbook for the People, edited by EDWARD CARPENTER. With frontispiece and cover by WALTER CRANE. Paper, 1/-

(All the above published by SWAN SONNENSCHEIN & CO., LTD. Those marked * published also by S. CLARKE, Manchester)

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Works by the same Author (continued).

THE ART OF CREATION: Essays on the Self and its Powers. Cloth, gilt edge, 266 pp., 5/- net. (1904)

DAYS WITH WALT WHITMAN, with some Notes on his Life and Work, and Portraits. Cloth, gilt edge, 187 pp.: 5/- net. (1906)

(Published by GEORGE ALLEN, London.)

AN UNKNOWN PEOPLE: Pamphlet on Intermediate Types of Men and Women. Price 6d. net.

(Published by A. & H. B. BONNER, Took's Court, E.C.)


PRISONS, POLICE AND PUNISHMENT: An Inquiry into the Causes and Treatment of Crime and Criminals. Crown 8vo., cloth, 2/- net. (1904)

EDWARD CARPENTER; THE MAN AND HIS MESSAGE. Pamphlet by TOM SWAN, with two portraits and copious extracts from the above works, price 6d. net.

(Published by A. C. FIFIELD, London.)








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