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SAID Rabbi Jose. "If all this is true, why were they so exceedingly foolish and blind that notwithstanding all their occult science they could not foresee the flood which the Holy One was preparing for their destruction?"

Said Rabbi Isaac: "They knew full well what was about to take place, but in the perversity of their hearts they said: 'We know the angels presiding over the fire and over the water and, by our magical science, will be able to restrain and prevent them from injuring us.' But alas! they were ignorant that the Holy One ruled in the world, that from him cometh judgment and retribution, angels being the executors of his decrees. This they knew not until the day that the deluge appeared, even though the Holy Spirit had preached unto them that 'sinners shall be consumed from off the earth and the wicked shall be no more' (Ps. civ., 35). The Holy One was forbearing and long-suffering towards them during the lives of the just men, Jared, Methusalah and Henoch. After their decease, then judgment quickly overtook these antediluvians and they were cut off in their sins and wrong-doing, as it is written, 'They were destroyed from the earth.'" (Gen. vii., 23.)

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