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The Talmud as Literature


The Bible Requires Supplementation; The Sanctions for Biblical Supplementation; The Method of Midrash Halakah; The Method of Midrash Haggadah; The Midrash as Literature; The Mishnah; The Tosefta; The Gemara; The Oral Torah and the Talmud.




The Forerunners of the Talmud


The Sopherim; The Pharisees and the Sadducees; The Jews and the Romans; The National Disaster and the Emergence of the Rabbi.




The Talmud In Its Historical Setting


The Aftermath of War; Reconstruction at Jabneh; Rebellion Renewed; The Rabbis at the Helm; A New Dawn in Babylonia.




The Theological Elements in the Talmud


The Existence of God; Miracles; The Purpose of Human Existence; God as the Source of Morality; The Tools of Human Perfection; The Torah and the Commandments; Freedom and Its Consequences; The Messianic Hope.




Social Ethics in the Talmud


The Unity of Mankind; The Uniqueness and Sanctity of Human Life; Consent and the Majesty of the Law; Social Welfare and Personal Freedom; Democracy and Family Life; Education and the Common Man; The Nation and the World Community; The Doctrine of Responsibility.


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Personal Morality in the Talmud


Confidence in Life; Envy, Jealousy and Pride; The Meaning of Good Will; The Imitation of God; The Meaning of Benevolence; Truth is the Seal of God; The Plea for Moderation; Cleanliness and Health.




The Jurisprudence of the Talmud


Law, Theology and Ritual; Law and a Just Society; Moral Pressures on the Law; The Basis of Legal Controversy; Talmudic Law and the State; Law and Inwardness; The Law in Messianic Times.




Human Wisdom in the Talmud


Dreams and the Subconscious; The Heart is Sovereign; Habit and Character; A Man Wears Many Masks; On the Psychology of Women; Education and Human Nature; Aids to Memory; Parables and Proverbs.






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