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p. 115

Vay’hi Baḥatzi Halay'loh

"and it came to pass at midnight."

All read the third line of each stanza in unison.

Unto God let praise be brought
For the wonders He hath wrought—
  At the solemn hour of midnight.

All the earth was sunk in night
When God said "Let there be light!"
  Thus the day was formed from midnight.

So was primal man redeemed
When the light of reason gleamed
  Through the darkness of the midnight.

To the Patriarch, God revealed
The true faith, so long concealed
  By the darkness of the midnight.

But this truth was long obscured
By the slavery endured
  In the black Egyptian midnight.

Till the messengers of light
Sent by God, dispelled the night,
  And it came to pass at midnight. p. 116

Then the people God had freed
Pledged themselves His law to heed,
  And it came to pass at midnight.

When they wandered from the path
Of the Lord, His righteous wrath
  Hurled them into darkest midnight.

But the prophets’ burning word
By repentant sinners heard
  Called them back from darkest midnight.

God a second time decreed
That His people should be freed
  From the blackness of the midnight.

Songs of praise to God ascend,
Festive lights their glory lend
  To illuminate the midnight.

Soon the night of exile falls
And within the Ghetto walls
  Israel groans in dreary midnight.

Anxiously with God they plead,
Who still trust His help in need,
In the darkest hour of midnight.

And He hears their piteous cry.
"Wait! be strong, My help is nigh,
  Soon ‘twill pass—the long-drawn midnight.

"Tenderly I cherished you
For a service great and true;
  When ‘tis past—the long-drawn midnight." p. 117

O, Thou Guardian of the Right,
Lead us onward to the light
  From the darkness of the midnight.

Father, let the day appear
When all men Thy name revere
  And Thy light dispels the midnight.

When no longer shall the foe
From th’ oppressed wring cries of woe
  In the darkness of the midnight.

But Thy love all hearts shall sway;
And Thy light drive gloom away,
  And to midday change the midnight.

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