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Order of the Service

p. xvi

1. Recite the Kiddush (Sanctification of the festival).


2. Partake of parsley dipped in salt water.


3. Break the middle Matzo, and hide one part to be eaten at the end of the meal as the Aphikomon.


4. Tell the story of Israel's deliverance from Egyptian bondage.


5. Recite the blessing before the meal, including the special blessing over Matzo.

‏מוֹצִיא, מַצָּה‎

6. Combine Matzo, Moror and Ḥaroses and eat them together.

‏כּוֹרֵךְ, מָרוֹר‎

7. Partake of the festival meal.

‏שֻׁלְחָן עוֹרֵךְ‎

8. Conclude the meal by eating the Aphikomon.


9. Say grace after the meal.


10. Recite the remainder of the Hallel.


11. End with a prayer for the acceptance of the service.


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