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862. "THE second conformation. The hair goeth forth and ascendeth from the beginning of (the one side of) the mouth even unto the beginning of the other side of the mouth; and descendeth beneath the mouth unto the other side, hair above hair, in beautiful arrangement. Arise, Rabbi Abba!"

863. Rabbi Abba arose, and commenced and said: "When the disposition of this beard is instituted in the formation of the King, then is He Himself like a brave hero, strong and beautiful in appearance, valiant and conquering.

864. "This is that same which is written, Ps. cxlvii. 5: 'Great is our Lord and great is His power.'

865. "And whilst He is mitigated by the disposition of the venerable and holy beard (of Macroprosopus), and this (beard of Microprosopus) reflected that, then through its light is He called 'God merciful,' Exod. xxxiv. 6: 'and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and in truth.' And thus is the second disposition instituted.

866. "When He shineth in the light of the Ancient

p. 219

of Days, then is He called 'abundant in Mercy,' and when another of the other forms is considered, in that form is He called 'and in truth,' for this is the light of His Countenance."

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