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508. "Now take ye your places, and apply the science (the Qabalah) to describe how the parts of Microprosopus are conformed, and how He is clothed with His conformations, from the forms of the Ancient of Days, the Holy of the Holy Ones, the Withdrawn of the Withdrawn ones, the Concealed one of All.

509. "For now wisdom requireth that ye judge a true judgment, becoming and honourable; so that ye may dispose all the conformations as accurately as possible.

510. "But the conformations of Microprosopus are disposed from the forms of Macroprosopus; and his constituent parts are expanded on this side and on that under a human form, so that there may be manifest in Him the Spirit of the Concealed One in every part.

511. "So that He may be placed upon His throne, because it is written, Ezek. i. 16: 'And above the likeness

p. 174

of a throne, the appearance as the likeness of a man upon it above.'

512. "'Like as the appearance of a man;' because that (form) includeth all forms. 'Like as the appearance of a man;' because He includeth all names. 'Like as the appearance of a man.' Because He includeth all secret things which have been said or propounded before the world was created, even although they have not been substituted herein." 1

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