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The Great March

by Rose G. Lurie

[1931, copyright not renewed]

This is a collection of Post-Biblical Jewish stories, written for 3rd to 4th graders. However, this book is also thoroughly enjoyable for adults, not the least because of the finely-drawn illustrations. The anecdotes include sublime Talmudic humor, tales of resistance to injustice and persecution, and profound spiritual lessons. It also includes many incidents of cooperation between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Written in a time of looming peril for Jewish people, this book is still meaningful to people of all faiths today.

Title Page
Editor's Introduction
Note to Fourteenth Printing, Revised
1. The Happy Return
2. With Peace They Conquer
3. Follow Me
4. Fight For Right
5. Walking Between Raindrops
6. School on the Roof
7. The Bet
8. Torah On One Foot
9. Two Who Were Wrong
10. The School that Saved a People
11. Enough for Wash Day
12. The Temple in Ruins
13. A B C at Twenty-Two
14. The Wicked Neighbor
15. The Shepherd Rabbi
16. The Cock, the Donkey, and the Candle
17. Fish Out of Water
18. The Guardians of the Torah
19. Ki-Tov--’Twas Good
20. As Faithful As That
21. The Law is Kind
22. Even Though I Lose
23. A Gift to the Caliph
24. The Choice
25. The Slave Rabbi
26. The Wondrous Tree
27. In the East is my Heart
28. An Angel Did It
29. The Doctor Arrives
30. Tables Turned
31. The Rabbi Wins
32. Not for his Crown
33. How Rashi was Saved
34. The Fourth Horse
35. Flying from the Roofs
36. The Messiah is Coming
37. So This is Your Answer
38. Whither--Now?