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Tractate Berakoth, by , by A. Lukyn Williams, [1921], at

p. xviii




Surenhusius, Amsterdam, 1698. Text and Latin Version with useful notes.

Rabe, J. J., Onolzbach, 1760. The whole Mishna translated into German, with introductions and notes.

Rabe, J. J., Brachoth, Halle, 1777. Translation of the Mishna and also of the Jerusalem and the Babylonian Gemaras.

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There is no translation in English, and only three in other languages, so far as I am aware: one in Latin and two in German.

Ugolini, Thesaurus, vol. xx. 1757.

p. xix

LAIBLE, H., Der Tosefta-Traktat Berachoth aus dem Hebräischen ins Deutsche übersetzt (Programm des K. bayer. Progymnasiums zu Rothenburg o. Tbr.), 1902. Invaluable. I wish once for all to acknowledge my indebtedness to it in many details.

Holtzmann, O., Der Tosephtatraktat Berakot, Text, Übersetzung und Erklärung, Giessen, 1912. See Strack's very severe articles, with Holtzmann's attempted defence, in the Theologisches Literaturblatt, Leipzig, 1912, coil: 481-487, 529-534.

Other helps which have been freely used, besides some which are mentioned only occasionally in the Notes.

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p. xx

[paragraph continues] Authorised Daily Prayer Book, London, 1914 (cited as SA, but for every reference Abrahams’ notes should be compared).

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T. B., Talmud Babli, the Gemara of the Babylonians, c. 500 A.D. (cited by the standard pages).

T. J., Talmud Jerushalmì, the Gemara of the Palestinians, c. 400 A.D., cited by the pages and columns of the Krotoschin (1866) reprint of the Venice (1522) edition, together with the section and the Mishna. But most modern editions do not observe the pages, and often differ in the notation of sections and Mishnaioth.

Oesterley and Box, A Short Survey of the Literature of Rabbinical and Mediæval Judaism, 1920, appeared too late for use.

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