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Babylonian Talmud

Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson

Section Moed (Festivals)

Tracts Pesachim (Passover), Yomah (Day of Atonement) and Hagiga (Holocaust)

Book 3: Volumes V. and VI.


Tract Pesachim (Passover)

Title Page
Explanatory Remarks
Synopsis of Subjects
Chapter I. Concerning the Removal of Leaven from the House
Chapter II: Time for Eating Unleavened Bread and Material Used for Making Unleavened Bread and Bitter Herbs
Chapter III: Regulations Concerning Articles Which Cause Transgression of the Law Prohibiting Leaven to be Seen or Found in the House of an Israelite.
Chapter IV: Regulations Concerning Work Which May and Must not be Performed on the Day Before Passover
Chapter V: Regulations Concerning the Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb
Chapter VI: Regulations Concerning Acts Which Supersede the Due Observance of the Sabbath; The Paschal Offering; What if One Sacrifice is Confounded with Another
Chapter VII: Roasting the Paschal Lamb; If the Paschal Lamb Becomes Defiled; Parts of Lamb Eaten
Chapter VIII: Those Obligated to Eat the Paschal Sacrifice; Where It May Be Eaten; Companies Appointed to Eat It; Difference Between First and Second Passover
Chapter IX: The Second Passover; Passover during Exodus; Mixed Paschal Sacrifices
Chapter X: The Meal on the Eve of Passover and the Four Cups of Wine
Appendix A
Appendix B

Tract Yomah (Day of Atonement)

Title Page
Explanatory Remarks
Introduction to Tract Yomah
Synopsis of Subjects, Tract Yomah
Chapter I: The Preparations of the High Priest
Chapter II: The Lots Priests Drew, Which Priests Should go to the Altar, How Many Priests Needed for Each Sacrifice
Chapter III: Time of the Daily Offering; Entry of a Layman into the Temple Court; Order of High-Priests' Service on Day of Atonement
Chapter IV: The Two Goats
Chapter V: Remaining Services of the High-Priest
Chapter VI: Regulations Concerning the He-Goats of the Day of Atonement And the Sending to the Desert, And the Confession Thereat.
Chapter VII: The Passages Read by the High-Priest and his Garments
Chapter VIII: Regulations Concerning Fasting on the Day of Atonement; What May Be Done Thereon, And What May Not Be Done.

Tract Hagiga (Holocaust)

Synopsis of Subjects
Chapter I: Regulations Concerning the Holocaust, and the Appointed Time for the Peace-Offering
Chapter II: Regulations Concerning Public Lectures: Which Are And Which Are Not Allowed.
Chapter III: In What Cases Sacred Things Are More Rigorous Than Heave-Offerings, And Vice Versa