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p. 76



Who is like unto Thee to uncover the deeps,
  And who hath Thy power to raise and cast down?
Show Thy marvellous love to the captive who weeps,
  O Worker of wonders, of awesome renown!

Thy children belovèd intoned a new song
  When Egypt’s proud host found a watery grave,
There was praise from the saints in their jubilant throng
  When the wheels of the chariots clogged in the wave.

Thy fondlings storm-tossed were all weeping and tired
  When the great roaring flood-tides before them arose,
But Thy hand led them safe to the haven desired
  And the waters returned, overwhelming their foes.

The chariots of Pharaoh and all that great host
  God cast in the billows and covered them o’er,
But His people trod sea-bottom, coast unto coast,
  He admonished the sea and it dried like the shore.

p. 77

Thus, Lord, do Thou Zion support and uphold,
  Arise, for the hour of her grace is at hand,
The day long appointed to sing as of old,
  God reigneth, His Kingdom forever shall stand.

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