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When God was about to create man the angels gathered about him. Some of them opening their lips exclaimed, "Create, oh God, a being who shall praise Thee from earth even as we in heaven sing Thy glory."

But others said:

"Hear us, Almighty King, create no more! The glorious

p. 318

harmony of the heavens which Thou hast sent to earth will be by man disturbed, destroyed."

Then silence fell upon the contesting hosts as the Angel of Mercy appeared before the throne of grace on bended knees.

Sweet was the voice which said entreatingly:

"Oh, Father, create Thou man; make him Thine own noble image. With heavenly pity will I fill his heart, with sympathy towards every living thing impress his being; through him will they find cause to praise Thee."

Then the Angel of Mercy ceased, and the Angel of Peace with tearful eyes spoke thus:

"O God, create him not! Thy peace he will disturb, the flow of blood will follow sure his coming. Confusion, horror, war, will blot the earth, and Thou wilt no longer find a pleasant place among Thy. works on earth."

Then spoke in stern tones the Angel of Justice:

"And Thou wilt judge him, God; he shall be subject to my sway."

The Angel of Truth approached, saying:

"Cease! Oh God of truth, with man Thou sendest falsehood to the earth."

Then all were silent, and out of the deep quietness the Divine words came:

"Thou, oh Truth, shalt go to earth with him, and yet remain a denizen of heaven; 'twixt heaven and earth to float, connecting link between the two."

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