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The Legends of the Jews

By Louis Ginzberg


This is a massive collation of the Haggada--the traditions which have grown up surrounding the Biblical narrative. These stories and bits of layered detail are scattered throughout the Talmud and the Midrash, and other sources, including oral. In the 19th century Ginzberg undertook the task of arranging the Haggada into chronological order, and this series of volumes was the result.

Volume I: From the Creation to Jacob

Title Page
Chapter I: The Creation of the World
Chapter II: Adam
Chapter III: The Ten Generations
Chapter IV: Noah
Chapter V: Abraham
Chapter VI: Jacob

Volume II: From Joseph to the Exodus

Title Page
Chapter I: Joseph
Chapter II: The Sons of Jacob
Chapter III: Job
Chapter IV: Moses in Egypt

Volume III: From the Exodus to the Death of Moses

Title Page
Chapter I
Chapter II.
Chapter III.
Chapter IV.
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII

Volume IV: From Joshua to Esther

Title Page
Chapter I: Joshua
Chapter II: The Judges
Chapter III: Samuel and Saul
Chapter IV: David
Chapter V: Solomon
Chapter VI: Judah and Israel
Chapter VII: Elijah
Chapter VIII: Elisha and Jonah
Chapter IX: The Later Kings of Judah
Chapter X: The Exile
Chapter XI: The Return of the Captivity
Chapter XII: Esther