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Eẓ Ḥayim, Jewish Theological Seminary Library, N. Y., modern copy of the original by Jacob b. Judah Hazan of London, written in 1287; see, for description, Catalogue of Adler Mss., 4055-7, p. 30; D. Kaufmann, JQR, OS, IV (1892), 20-63, 333-44, 550-61, V (1893), 353-74, VI (1894), 754-6; S. Neubauer, ibid., VI, 348-54; and the partial edition by Hermann Adler, Steinschneider Festschrift, Leipzig 1896, pp. 187-208.

Sefer Gematriaot, also alternatively entitled Sefer Eliyahu, Jewish Theological Seminary Library, N. Y., German-rabbinic characters, 14th century; on p. 84b there is a notation that the ‏מחזיר רס״ט‎, the 269th calendar cycle, began in 1333, and ‏בשנת ה׳ למחזור ובשנת י״ו למחזור אנו עושים פסח חדש ימים אוג׳ שבועות קודם פסקווא שלהם‎.

Sodot HaTefilah, J.T.S. Library, bound with and in same hand as preceding; ascribed to Naḥmanides, but really by Eleazar of Worms. "This commentary is an excellent illustration of the statement of R. Jeḥiel b. Asher (quoted in Tur Oraḥ Ḥayim, No. 113) that the ḥaside Ashkenaz had the custom to count the number of words in the prayers and to investigate why this number was chosen." (A. Marx, JQR, NS, II [1911], 263.)

Sefer Raziel, J.T.S. Library, German-rabbinic script; does not correspond throughout with the printed text, but often contains a more complete text.

Sefer HaRazim, J.T.S. Library, ms. D 146, Italian script, 17th-18th century; pp. 1-9a correspond with 15a-30b of above ms. of Sefer Raziel, with interesting variations.

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