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He that has fifty zouzim, and trades therewith, may not glean what is left in the corner of the field (Lev. xix. 9). He that takes it, and has no right to it, will come to want before the day of his departure. And if one who is entitled to it leaves it to others more needy, before he dies he will not only be able to support himself, but be a stay to others.

Peah, chap. 8, mish. 9.

Fifty measures of understanding were created in the world, and all except one were given to Moses; as it is said (Ps. viii. 5), "Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels."

Rosh Hashanah, fol. 21, col. 2.

{p. 156}

Poverty in a house is harder to bear than fifty plagues.

Bava Bathra, fol. 116, col. 1.

The above saying is based on Job xix. 21, compared with Exod. viii. 19.

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