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Miscellaneous Short Judaica

These files are articles and translations of short texts related to Judaism taken from various public domain sources, primarily scholarly journals. For journal title abbreviations, see the Journals page, where all the articles (including non-Jewish) are organized according to their sources.

Last updated September 12, 2002.

Hebrew Visions of Hell and Paradise., by Moses Gaster (JRAS, 1893, pp. 571-611) [1893]


Please note that some of this material is reproduced on the Samaritan page proper. However, these editions were completed before that page was added, and since these editions are more accurate, I have let them stand.

For more information on the Samaritans, refer to

The Messianic Hope of the Samaritans, by William E. Barton (OC, vol. XXII, 5, pp. 272-296) [1907]
The Samaritan Messiah: Further Comments of the Samaritan High Priest, by William E. Barton (OC, vol. XXII, 9, pp. 528-538) [1907]
The Samaritan Passover, by William E. Barton (OC, vol. XXII, 4, pp. 193-215) [1908]

Sacred Texts Journals Judaism