John Bruno Hare, creator of the Archive, passed away on April 27, 2010. His vision included a sacred text archive of largely Public Domain works that would remain accessible worldwide, and would be forever free to read.

The vision of John Bruno Hare is alive and well. Plans for new texts, new products and mobile applications, and new versions of the site itself have been underfoot for some time, and patiently await birth.

In memory of JBH's passing, ISTA presents the first new content ever added to the Archive since April 2010, along with some featuring of existing content. The theme, loosely, is Remembering Bruno, the Afterlife, and Being Present.

1. "The Death and Afterlife of Mellen-Thomas (How I Died and Lived To Tell About It)", by celebrated afterlife authority Mellen-Thomas Benedict (2012).

2. "Yogic Alchemy in Taijiquan," by Greg Brodsky (2012).

3. John Bruno Hare 2012 Tribute Video, by Evinity Publishing, Inc. (2012).

4. Book of the Dead, by E. A. Wallace Budge (1895) (Project Gutenberg).

5. "The Mayan Calendar," by John Bruno Hare (Undated).

6. Articles by John Bruno Hare and Related Content:

7. The Dance of Death, by Francis Douce, Hans Holbein (1833), Plus Dance of Death, by Austin Dobson, Hans Holbein (1903).

8. Project Gutenberg texts generously furnished by Mr. Robin Knapp:


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