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The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, by Ibn al-Arabi, tr. Reynold A. Nicholson, [1911], at


1. O my two comrades, approach the guarded pasture and seek Najd and yonder sign that marks the way,

2. And come down to a well at the tents of the curving sand and beg shade of its ḍál and salam trees.

3. And whenever ye come to the valley of Mind—for then ye have come to that in which is my heart's being—

4. Deliver to all who dwell there the greetings of love from me, or only say, 'Peace be with you!'

5. And hearken what they will reply, and tell how one who is heartsick

6. Complains of the ardours of love, while he is hiding nothing, seeking information, and asking questions.

p. 122


1. 'O my two comrades,' i.e. his understanding and his faith.

'The guarded pasture,' i.e. the veiled glory of God.

'Najd,' i.e. sublime knowledge.

'Yonder sign,' i.e. inductive knowledge.

2. 'A well,' i.e. the source of eternal life.

'At the tents of the curving sand,' i.e. in the presence of Divine mercy.

'Beg shade,' etc., i.e. seek delight in the knowledge that bewilders the intellect and is exempt from all limitation.

3. 'The valley of Mina,' i.e. the abodes of the Heavenly Host and of the Divine Names assembled for the purpose of manifestation.

4. 'Or only say,' etc., i.e. if they are not pleased to receive my greetings, then make no mention of me.

6. 'Asking questions,' i.e. touching the malady with which he is smitten, viz. the obstacles that hinder him from attaining to the object of his desire, notwithstanding that love has intoxicated his whole being.