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The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, by Ibn al-Arabi, tr. Reynold A. Nicholson, [1911], at


1. Three full moons, unadorned by any ornament, went forth to at-Tan‘ím with veiled faces.

2. They unveiled shining faces like suns and cried with a loud voice 'Labbayka', visiting the holy shrines.

3. And they approached, walking slowly as the qaṭá birds walk, in gowns of striped Yemen cloth.


1. Three Divine Names went forth from the Divine Presence to at-Tan‘ím, desiring to manifest their traces, i.e. their bliss (###) consists in such manifestation. 'With veiled faces,' lest anyone who was unable to endure the sight of their splendour should behold them and perish.

2. 'They unveiled,' i.e. in the heart that was prepared to receive them.

'The holy shrines,' i.e. this noble heart.

3. 'In gowns of striped Yemen cloth,' i.e. graced by the subordinate Names which attended them like priests.