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The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, by Ibn al-Arabi, tr. Reynold A. Nicholson, [1911], at

p. 63


1. Their abodes have become decayed, but desire of them is ever new in my heart and decayeth not.

2. These tears are shed over their ruined dwellings, but souls are ever melted at the memory of them.

3. Through love of them I called out behind their riding-camels, 'O ye who are rich in beauty, here am I, a beggar!

4. I have rolled my cheek in the dust in tender and passionate affection: then, by the true love which I owe to you, I, do not make hopeless

5. One who is drowned in his tears and burned in the fire of sorrow with no respite!'

6. O thou who wouldst kindle a fire, be not hasty! Here is the fire of passion. Go and take of it!


1. 'Their abodes have become decayed': he says, 'the places of austerities and mortifications, where the Divine Names made works (###) their abode, have become decayed through age and loss of youthful strength.' The word ### is used in reference to the springtide (###) of human life.

3. 'Behind their riding-camels,' i.e. the powers of youth and the delights of the commencement (###).

4. 'I have rolled my cheek in the dust,' i.e. desiring to be united with you, for God says, 'Seek access to Me by means of that which I have not,' viz. abasement and indigence.

6. 'Here is the fire of passion,' i.e. in my heart.

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