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His supplication for the twenty-seventh of

the month

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! I seek Mercy from You for the guidance of my heart, for

converging my affairs and setting them in order, for improving me in my

religion, from protection during my absence from home, and for

prosperity when at home, increase in my wealth, for longevity in life,

ease in my affairs, for concealing my short comings and for seething

right the disordered affairs of my life, for repulsion of all that I dislike, for

making my face lustrous and for protecting us me against all evils for the

rest of my life. O Allah! You are the Foremost with none to precede You,

You are the last none to be after You. You are Manifest, there is none

comparable to You, being Manifest You are Hidden and being Hidden

You are Manifest. You are Hidden due to Your subtlety for Your

manifest creation observing You from the different directions of the earth

being far off, despite Your closeness You are far. There is no god save

You. Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny and improve me in

my faith which gives me immunity from sins, and improve me in my world

in which is my livelihood, and improve my Hereafter to which is my

return, and grant me a life with virtuous deeds, and grant me happiness

in exchange of every evil at the time of death. O Allah! All praise be for

You before the commencement of every performance and all praise be

for You after the completion of every performance. O the Succourer! To

those who seek help. O the Alleviator of sufferings! O the Answerer of

the call of the distressed! O the Dispeller of the severe agony! O the

Most Merciful! Dispel my uneasiness and sadness for none can dispel it

save You as You know my condition, and the sincerity of my intention

with which I pin my hopes to achieve Your goodness and benevolence.

Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny and fulfill my wants, O the

Most Merciful! O Allah! All praise be for You and for You is all authority

and for You is all might and pride, and for You is all greatness and in

Your hands is all good. To You is the return of all affairs manifest or

secret. O Allah! There is none to guide whom You let go astray and

none can misguide him whom You guide. None can stop that which You

bestow and none can bestow that which You withhold. None can put at

the end whom You put ahead and none can put ahead whom You put at

the end. None can open that You close and none can close that You

open. Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny and bestow on me

liberally from Your blessings, favours, mercy and sustenance. O Allah! I

Request You for wealth during poverty and peace during fear and also

permanent bounties which should neither wane nor change. O Allah!

The Lord of seven Heavens and the Lord of seven Earths and what is in

them and in between them, our Lord and Lord of everything, the

Revealer of Torah, Injeel, Zaboor and the Great Quran, the splitter of

the grain and date stone, I seek protection against the evil of every

wicked and from the harm of the living creature whom You hold under

Your control by its forelock; Verily my Lord is on the right Path, never

unjust to anyone, and he is over everything Powerful and encompasses

everything. O Allah! You are the Foremost with none to precede You.

You are the last none to be after You. You are Manifest with none above

You. You are Hidden. Nothing is comparable to You. Bless Muhammad

(s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny. In the name of Allah. I believe in Allah, with

Allah I seek refuge, and I under His shelter protect myself from evil.

Through the Might and Power of Allah I become inaccessible to Satan

and others like him, their deceits, their armies, their traps and to

everyone of his companion. I seek refuge with the perfect and blessed

words of Allah, neither the virtuous nor the vicious can escape the

influence therefrom, and with all the beautiful exalted names of Allah

known to me or not, I seek protection against the evils He created, and

from the vicissitude of fortune, except the mishap behind which is hidden

good luck and happiness from You. O Allah! I seek refuge with You

against evil emanating from myself, against the evil gaze of every

observer, against the evil of every hearing ear, against the evil of every

speaking tongue, against the evil of every attacking hand, against the

evil of every moving stem and against the evils of days and night I am

afraid of. O Allah! Whoso endeavours to manipulate against me through

revolt, oppression, viciousness and evil manners whether he be a Jinn

or a man, from close vicinity or from a distance, small or big, kindly

squeeze his chest, hold his hand, paralyse his legs destroy his tricks

and manipulation, kill him, destroy his rage, set him against his own self

intervene between him and me, and support me with Your Power and

Might. Verily You are Powerful over everything.

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