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His supplication for the twelfth of the month

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Glorified is Allah Whose Throne is in the Heavens. Glory be to Him

Whose Might and Glory are manifest on the Earth. Glory be to Him

Whose paths are in the land and sea. Glory be to Him His sublimity is

evident in the Heaven. Glory be to Him His proofs are clear on the earth.

Glory be to Him Whose decisions are also taken in graves. Glory to Him

Whose punishment for the guilty is in the Hell. Glory be to Him Whose

Mercy and rewards for the pious men are in Heaven and Glory be to

Him from Whom no escapees can escape. Glorified is Allah. There is no

shelter save His. He is Ever-living, death cannot overtake Him. So Glory

be to Allah when you enter the evening and when you enter the morning

and His is all praise in the Heavens and in the Earth, at the Sun's

decline and when you enter the noon. He brings forth the living from the

dead and brings forth the dead from the living and gives life to the earth

after its death and you too shall be brought forth after you are dead.

Praise be to Allah Who has not taken unto Him a son and there is not for

Him any helped against any meekness and proclaim you His greatness

magnifying His Glory. Glory be to Him more than the number of all things

and even greater than that and in a manner befitting His Greatness and

favours bestowed upon us. O Allah! You are glorified. There is no god

save You and all praise is for You; praise be to You. Glory be to Allah

the sublime with all His praise. Glory be to Allah the forbearing, the

Generous. Glory be to the High and Sublime. Glory be to Him Who is

the Truth, the Creator and the Withholder. Glory be to Him the Bestower

of profit and loss. Glory be to the Most High. Glory be to Him the Most

Sublime, the Most High, the First and the Last, the Manifest, the Hidden

and Who is Powerful over everything. Glorified is Allah Who possesses

the aforesaid qualities and there is none like Him. He is Everlasting and

forgets not. Glory be to Him Who is Constant that never becomes

unaware. Glory be to Him He is so rich that He never is in want. Glory

be to Him He is so generous that never shows miserliness. Glory be to

Him He is so powerful that no weakness comes to Him. Glory be to Him

He is so watchful that never becomes slack. Glory be to him He is

Ever-living that would never die. Glorified is He Who is Eternal and

Everlasting. Glory be to Him Who has no decline. Glory by to Him the

Ever-living the Self-subsistent. Slumber seizes Him not nor sleep.

Glorified are You. There is no god save You. You are only One and

have no partner. Glorified is He Whom the solid mountains praise and

say in their voice, "Our Allah is Great and praise be to Him". Glory be to

Him for Whom the trees say in their voice, "Glorified is He Who is the

real manifest sovereign". Glory be to Him Whom the seven Heavens and

the Earth and whatever is in them glorify and say: "Glory be to Allah the

sublime. Forbearing, Generous and praise be to Him." Glorified is He

Who is illustrious because of His sublimity and Hidden on account of His

power, Who blesses out of His Mercy and is High because of His

Loftiness and near on account of his subtlety, and from Whom are not

hidden the secrets of the hearts. For him neither the darkness of night is

a curtain nor the stormy ocean, nor the obstructions nor the storm. He

has surrounded everything through His knowledge and has thrown open

the gate of His Mercy and forbearance to the miscreants. His Creation is

novel and matchless in durability and artfulness. Even inanimate objects

seek in praise of His mighty art and are witness to His unity after their

creation. O Allah! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) the Prophet of Mercy and

his blessed pure Progeny and O Allah! Disappoint us not of Your Mercy

and Blessings, keep us after Your guidance under Your refuge from

being misled and from misleading others. Protect us from bewilderment

in religion and let us not die save as Muslims. Unite us with the pious in

the name of Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his pure and purified Progeny. O

the Lord of Worlds! Grant our prayer. O Allah! Send Your Blessings on

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny. Ameen.

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