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His supplication for the fourth of the month

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! Praise be to You that Your religion appeared in this world, Your

representative Messengers and Imams did come. Your realm is strong,

Your power is great, Your promise is true. Your Heavenly Throne is at

the highest pitch and Your have sent Your messenger with the guidance

and the true religion so that he may make it triumphant over all other

religions, though averse may be polytheists. O Allah! You have

perfected Your religion, completed Your Light. You are Holy in respect

of Your promise. You have established manifest signs for mankind and

perfected became Your Words with truth and justice. O Allah! All praise

be to You. It is Your blessing that You remove the difficulties, bestow the

happiness and ease, decree with truth decide with justice and guide to

the right path. Hallowed is Your face. Glorified praise be to You. There

is no god but You the Lord of the Heavens and the Lord of the Earth and

of all that is in them, the Lord of the great Arsh (Throne). O Allah!

Praised are You in Torah, praised are You in the Evangel, praised are

You in the scriptures of the past, praised are You in Surah-e-Hamd and

in the glorious Quran, praised amongst the Angels that enjoy nearness

to You, praised are You amongst the Prophet-messengers, praised are

You by the Honourable Recorders of men's deeds. Praise is befitting

You only. All praised be to You and the praise is Your glory. Your testing

is by a gracious trial. Your decree is just, the Earth is within Your control

and so is the sky. All praise be to You. You keep the scale of justice in

balance. You are Lofty, Provider of manifest proofs, Truthful, Glorious

and Glorified. O Allah! You are praised for You are the Revealer of the

Holy Verses, Grantor of the prayers, Remover of the difficulties,

Bestower of the blessings; life and death are under Your control. O God!

All praise is for You although You need it not. Sincere obedience is for

You. The vastness of "Arsh" is for You, everlasting praise is for You. All

praise as justice demands is for You. Praise be to You as You have

praised Yourself and in a manner which meets Your likeness and

pleasure, through praise, worships, and thanks to You. O my Allah! Your

praiseworthiness is Most Exalted and You are Most Merciful. O Lord!

Praise be to You during night when it enshrouds. Praise be to You

during the day when the sun shines. Praise be to You in this world and

in the Hereafter. Praise be to You. How Excellent and Exalted are You in

Your attributes. Praise be to You. How Generous and how Great are

You. Glory be to You. What an Excellence and Glory You possess.

Praise be to You for the destinies and decrees whether Your creatures

like them or not. Praise be to You in all conditions of this world and

those of the world Hereafter, O the most Merciful!

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