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His supplication for the second day of the


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is for Allah Who revealed on His servant Muhammad (s.a.w.a.)

the divine book which is free from defects and is quite straightforward; in

order to forewarn mankind of the worst calamity, to give happy tidings to

the believers who perform good deeds that they would receive good

rewards and would eternally stay therein and also to forewarn those

who say that Allah has a son. Neither have they nor had their ancestors

any sense. Serious is the utterance that has come forth from their lips.

They say nothing but falsehood. All praise is for Allah Who relieved us

from distress. Verily our Lord would surely grant immense forgiveness.

He is Creator, Forgiver and Benevolent Who granted us an eternal

abode where neither any weariness nor any hardship will overtake us.

All praise be only to Allah, and peace be on His Servants whom He has

chosen: What! Is Allah better or what they join with Him? Is not He Who

created the Heavens and Earth, and sent down for you water from

Heaven; then caused to grow by it gardens, beautiful; it was not in your

power to grow the trees thereof. What! Is there any god with Allah? No,

they are a people who yet regard equals to Him. Is not He Who made

the Earth a resting place, and made in it rivers, and made on it

mountains, and caused between two seas a barrier. Is there any God

with Allah? No. Most of them know not. Is there anyone else to respond

to the distressed when he calls Him? Who removes the distress and

makes you the successors in the Earth? Is there any God with Allah?

How little you reflect. Is not He Who guides you in the darkness of the

land and the sea, and Who sends the winds as the bearers of the good

news of His Mercy? Is there any God with Allah? Exalted High is Allah

above what they associate with Him. Is not He Who originates the

creation, then reproduces it, and Who provides for you sustenance from

the Heaven and the Earth? Is there any God with Allah? Say, bring you

your proof, if you be truthful. Say: "None either in the Heavens or in the

Earth knows the unseen save Allah and they perceive not when they

shall be raised." (27: 59-65.) Glory be to Allah, the originator of the

Heavens and the Earth. He appointed the Angles as messengers who

possess two, three and four wings; He increases the creation as He

wishes. Verily Allah has power over all things. Praise be to Allah, the

Bountiful and Forgiving, the Most loving Merciful, Great Bestower, the

Exalted, the All-hearing and the All-seeing, Independent, Ever-living, the

Self-subsistent, Powerful and Almighty. He is real Lord, Authoritative,

and Omnipotent. Master, Just, Illuminated, High and Exalted,

Honourable, First and the Last, Hidden and Manifest. His is the highest

praise. He is everybody's Saviour, Greatest Creator, Maker, Fashioner,

Omnipotent, Truly Kind, Respectful and Knower of thanksgiving,

Administrator, Ruler, Viewer of all things, Kind, Protector, Graceful,

Wise, Praiseworthy, Dreadful, Forgiver of sins. Acceptor of repentance,

Master over all masters, Knower of the unseen and the seen, Constant

and the sustainer of the worlds. Glory be to Allah Whose praise is great,

Whose throne is great, Whose realm is great, Whose authority is great,

Whose courtesy is great, Whose skill is great, Whose blessing is great,

Whose light is great, Whose kindness is great, Whose honour is great,

Whose might is great, Whose power is great, and Whose command is

great. Glorious is Allah, the Lord of the universe. Praiseworthy is He

Who is most High, Who is most Honourable, Who is Greatest, Who is

most Kind, Who is most possessive of all things and Who is most

Virtuous. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe. Glory be to Allah,

the Greatest, Beneficent and Merciful, Endearing, Wise Creator,

Knower, Monarch, Clear, Almighty, Most High, Honourable and

Supreme Subduer, Master of Heaven and the Hell. Greatness and

dreadfulness are for Him and are at His command. It is He Who

deserves words of praise and He it is Who Bestows greatness to good

deeds. O, the most Merciful and compassionate!

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