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His supplication known as "Saname

Quraish"(Cursing the Idol of Quraish)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! Curse the two idols of Quraish and their two magicians, their

two rebellious people, their two accusers and their two daughters.

Rebuke them, they have consumed Your sustenance and have denied

Your obligations, both have discarded Your commands, have rejected

Your revelation, have disobeyed Your Prophet, have destroyed Your

religion, have distorted Your book, have made Your laws ineffective,

have declared Your obligatory actions as incorrect, have disbelieved in

Your signs, have oppressed Your friends, have loved Your enemies,

have spread corruption among Your servants, have put Your world to

loss. O Allah! Send Your curses on them and their helpers as they have

ruined the house of Your Prophet, have dug the door of his house,

broken the roof, have brought down the walls, have made the skies, the

ground, have destroyed its inhabitants, have killed their supporters,

have put to death, their children, have vacated his pulpit by his

successors of knowledge, have denied his Prophethood, have ascribed

a partner to their Lord, thus consider both of their sins to be great, and

make their abode in 'saqar' forever, and how do you know what is

'saqar?' It leaves nothing, nor let anything remain. O Allah, send Your

chastisement on them to the extent of the sins of every disobedient, and

the covering of truth, and all the pulpits they have mounted, and the

believer whom they have harmed and the disbeliever whom they have

loved, and to the number of pious people whom they have troubled, and

whom they have driven out of their cities, and helped the disbelievers,

and the Imam on whom they were cruel and have changed the

obligatory laws, and have destroyed the practise of the Holy Prophet,

and whatever evils they have concealed, the blood which they shed,

have changed the goodness and have altered the commands, have

created disbelief, or the lie for which they have cheated, the inheritance

which they have plundered, and stopped the booties from them and

have consumed the prohibited wealth, and that 'Khums' (the fifth part)

which they considered as permitted for them, and that evil whose

foundation were put, and that cruelty which they made common, that

oppression, which they spread, those promises, which they

dishonoured, those covenant which they broke, those lawful which is

they made as unlawful, and that unlawful which is they made lawful, that

hypocrisy which they have concealed in the hearts, and to the amount of

treachery which they bore in their hearts, and the stomachs which they

split open, and that side which they broke, and that door which they

broke, and those gatherings which they dispersed and those degraded

whom they gave honour, and those honourable whom they insulted, and

by the number of rights which they have usurped, and the order of Imam

which they opposed, bestow Your wrath on them to the extent of the

atrocities. O Allah! Your curses on them to the extent of alteration in

Quran and covering the truth, rendering the will, worthless, and breaking

the promises, and declaring all the claims as void, refusing all the

allegiances, presenting excuses, introducing breach of trust, climbing of

every step and equal to the number of vessel which they turned upside

down and all that defects which they possessed. Bestow Your curses on

them. O Allah curse those two, secretly and openly, such a beating

which is forever continuous, nonstop and innumerable. Such a whipping,

which commences in the morning but does not end at night. Such a

beating should be on those tyrants, and their helpers, their assistants,

their friends and their lovers, those attracted to them and those who

acknowledge their deeds, those who present proof for them, and those

who follow their words, and those who approve their actions. (Then

recite four times).

O Allah! Send such a harsh chastisement upon them, that the dwellers

of Hell start screaming, O Lord of the Universe accept this prayer from


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