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His supplication in prostration of


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O He, Whose generosity and Mercy increases by the plea of the

seekers. O He Who possesses the kingdom of the Heavens and the

skies, O He to Whom belongs the apparent and invisible treasures. My

sins do not curtail Your obligations. I plead with You to deal with one in a

way which befits You because You are possessor of Generosity, Mercy

and Forgiveness. O Lord! O Lord! You have the power to punish. O

Lord! I have become liable for Your punishment, now I don't have any

excuse which I may put forth, nor any love which can be forwarded. I

have submitted all my affairs to You and I confess that You forgive me

and You are more aware of all the things better than me, all the sins and

evils which I commit is presented to You. Therefore forgive me and have

mercy on me and whatever is in Your knowledge forgive me because

surely You are the most Honoured and exalted.

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