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His supplication on the eve of Saturday

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O the one Who when forgives, never revenges, have mercy on Your

creatures. O Allah! O my beloved have mercy on me. O Lord! Your

servant is in Your presence, O Lord! O Lord! For the sake of Your

creatures O my hope and wishes O the listener of complaints O the

extreme pleasure. O the one to make the blood flow in my veins Your

creature and only Your creature is present before You. O My Lord! O

the master of the creatures Your servant is present in Your Domain. O

the center of hopes! O Master! O He! O He! O He! O Lord! O Lord! I am

Your servant there is no one useful for this careless soul, neither gain

nor loss is in his control and nor is there anyone who can do goodness

to him, I have exhausted all my weapons of cheating, and all the evil has

been exposed, now the world has left me isolated for You and so I am

standing. O my God You are aware of everything, then how will You

treat me. O that I knew! Although I do not know Your reply after listening

to my supplication. Will You say 'yes' or 'no' and if You say 'no' then

alas! Alas! Alas! I complain, I complain, I complain, oh my misfortune!

Unlucky! Wretchedness! Oh Shame! Oh Shame! Oh Shame! Now

where shall I go? Why and what for? Or with whom shall I seek refuge

and from whom shall I have hopes. Is there anyone who shall have

grace upon me by his mercy, when it is You who have left me? O the

excessive forgiver. And if You say 'Yes your supplication is accepted'

like I believe it, then I am indeed lucky and worth compliments. I

congratulate that I deserve mercy O the one Who does mercy O the

generous! O the one Who is Attentive! O the Master! O the Powerful! O

the one Who overpowers! I don't have a deed which can be a cause for

the acceptance of my prayers. I beseech You for the sake of Your

names which You have created from everything and is concealed by

Your covering and this concealed name is known only to You, I seek of

that name of Yours which has never been utilised and will never be

utilized. I ask You by Your name and by Yourself, as I don't possess

anything other than these. Neither I meet anyone who could get me

some benefit from You. O the great and Ancient, O the Honourable! O

He Who has made me recognize my own soul. O He Who has granted

me, my desires, O the one Who is called! O the one Who is questioned!

O the one from whom one seeks the desires. O Allah I have left those

commands which You had reminded me, and I did not obey You, and if I

had obeyed You then before me being present here You would have

appreciated my work. And I in spite of my sins, have hope from You so

don't let anything come between You and my hopes and return my

hands full of Your grace, safety and goodness. By the sake of Your

rights (ask for Your needs) O My store at the times of hardships. O my

hope at the time of trials, O my guardian at the time of bounties, O my

fulfiller of needs at the time of desires, O my refuge at the time of

destruction, O my saver at the time of annihilation, O my companion in

solitude, bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and forgive my

sins. Ease for me my transactions, bestow on me my spread to unity,

success in my aims, reformation of my self, and answer for my

supplications, success and solution in all my affairs. Don't take away

safety from me when You give me life and when You give me death. O

Most Merciful of all the mercifuls.

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