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His supplication seeking the opinion of Allah


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Whatever Allah wills, happens. O Allah! I seek goodness from You like a

person who has put his affairs in Your hands, put his soul in Your

control, and awaits Your order in his affairs, has turned to You, and

when calamities befall he has relied on You. O Allah! Let goodness be in

my affair and not against me, for my benefit, not for my loss, grant me

help and let not this help be against me. My help must be in my favour

and not against me. Make me strong and do not let others overpower

me. Guide me towards goodness, save me from deviation, make me

agreeable on Your judgment and satisfied on Your power because

whatever You wish is done and You have Power over all things. O Allah!

If this transaction is good for me and if it carries goodness for me in this

world and the Hereafter make it easy for me, and if there is anything

other than it, make it away for me. O Most Merciful of all the mercifuls.

Surely You have power over all the things and Allah is sufficient for us

and most excellent is the protector.

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