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Another of His supplication for the return of

the one who flees

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! This sky is Your sky, and this earth is Your earth. And the dry

land is Your dry land and the sea is Your sea and whatever is between

them in the world and the hereafter is Yours. O Allah make this earth

narrow for so and so, son of so and so (here mention the name). Put

Your hold on his eyes, ears and heart and darken his ways of exit like

stormy waters in which waves after waves starts gushing in and the

clouds cover it, one darkness covers the other darkness. So that when

he brings out his hand it is not visible and he whom Allah does not give

light from where can he get light?

(Write Ayatul Kursi and hang it for 3 days near his residence. By the will

of Allah that person would return soon.)

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