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His supplication before the Battle of Jamal

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! I praise You as only You are worth the praise, as You have

obliged me so much that all my attention is only to You. Accept my

thanks as Your pardon is the best and Your test is since a long time, still

the thankfulness is a protection of my share of bounties, and not for

reforming myself. O Allah! You have obliged me by granting insight of

Your religion and recognition of Yourself and have granted Your

complete protection in my affairs. Have mercy on me and avert the

difficulties from me. Keep away Your fearful judgments from me. I don't

remember anything except Your obligation; I have not seen anything

except Your grace. O Allah! So many of the difficulties have been

warded off from me by You and was turned towards my enemies and

they were involved in it. And so many of the bounties which were with

my enemies, which You turned away from them and bestowed upon me.

And I am also not aware of all Your obligations on me. O Allah! You are

the one Who hears my prayers at the time of restlessness, You are the

one Who watches me at the times of sorrow, You are the one to avenge

my enemies. Neither I have ever found You away from me nor at the

times of prayer You are away and I always find You close to me and not

only when I call You. O Allah! I find only Your obligation worth praising

and only Your excellent tests is present with me, all Your actions are

good. My tongue, my intellect, all my parts and all that of mine which is

on the earth is full of praise for You. O Allah! For the sake of Your light

which You have created by Your Honour, and by the sake of Your

Honour which You have created by Your will, and by the sake of Your

name which is high, that bestow upon me the love to thank You

obligatorily. O Lord! Had You not helped me from all those things, which

were prohibited for me, and if the fear of the hereafter were not instilled

in me I would have been destroyed. O Allah the provisions of this world

called me, the greed of women and children which I accepted hastily and

tilted towards it, and when the provisions of the hereafter invited me

towards piety and goodness I stumbled but did not go that hastily as I

had gone for the things which be destroyed and perish very soon. O

Allah! You scared me, inculcated love in me, explained me with proofs

still I was not scared to the extent as it was desired and now I fear that I

am not unmindful in obedience to Your commands and that I might have

been deficient regarding Your established proofs. O Allah! Reserve all

my endeavours for Your strength and put Your fear in my heart. And

convert my carelessness, laziness, negligence and all personal fears

into Your fear, and obedience and good deeds by Your grace. O the

possessor of Honour and Majesty, make my shield against sins stronger

and multiply my good deeds as You can increase whatever You wish. O

Allah! Increase my status in the Heavens, and I seek refuge from all that

is eaten and drunk, but is prohibited by You, and I wish to be away from

the fear of all the known and unknown things, and I seek to be away

from the evil of all the things whether apparent or hidden. O Allah grant

me protection from what the others have done in ignorance instead of

knowledge, haste instead of tolerance, restlessness instead of patience

deviation instead of guidance and polytheism instead of faith. O my

Nourisher! Have mercy on me and oblige me because You befriend the

doers of good and never turn down their goodness and praise is for the

Lord of the worlds.

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