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His supplication when people gathered

around him

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Lord of the high skies which is hung and safe whom You have made a

jungle for the Sun and Moon and the positions of the planets and the

stars a place for goodness and evil and in it You have made Angels,

who are never tired of Your worship. And O the Lord of the earth Who

has made it a resting place for man and animals and for small creatures

who are known and unknown, seeing and unseeing and for big things. O

Lord of the mountains whom You have made pegs for the earth and

treasure for the times, and O the owner of the moving seas Who has

covered the earth like a storm. And O the owner of the clouds, which are

hanging between the earth and the skies. O the savior of ships, which

are used to carry profitable goods. If You make us overpower our

enemies then save us from arrogance. Keep us on the right path and if

You give the enemies victory over us then grant us martyrdom and save

my other companions from mischief.

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