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His supplication for safety from calamities

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! Through You I am attacking and through You I am going

forward and by Your help I am hiding and by Your support I am

achieving success. I am dying and living for You. I have pledged my soul

and my transactions to You and there is no power or strength except

Allah the great. O Allah You have created me, sustained me, You have

concealed me and have bestowed Honour upon me among Your

creatures whenever I felt weak You bestowed strength on me, whenever

I stumbled You held me, whenever I was sick You cured me, whenever I

called You, You answered me. O my Lord! Be pleased with me, as You

have made me happy. And blessing of Allah be on Muhammad (s.a.w.a.)

and his purified progeny.

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