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His supplication cursing the enemies after

reciting two units of prayers

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! So and so son of so and so (here take the name of the

oppressor) is oppressing me and troubling me making me unhappy and

degrading and insulting me. O Allah! Put him at the mercy of his own

soul and remove his support, make him dependent on others and snatch

away Your bounties from him, discontinue his sustenance, shorter his

lifespan, deface him and make his enemies overpower him who may

capture him in his place of safety in the same way as he has done

oppression on me, laid a trap for me, made me burn in fire, insulted and

degraded me. O Allah! Through You I seek refuge from so and so (here

mention his name) because You are the greatest subduer and the one

to punish most severely.

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