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His supplication for seeking desires to be

written by the right hand when you

approach someone for some work

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah I ask You O Allah the One, Unique, O the light, O the

self-subsisting, O the one Whose power has filled the heavens and the

earth. I request You that for me overcome the heart of so and so (here

take the name) as You had overcome the snakes for Moosa (a.s.), as for

Prophet Sulaiman You had overpowered his army which consisted of

Jinns and men and animals all were obedient to him. And I wish that You

soften his heart towards me just as You softened iron for Dawood (a.s.).

And I ask You to make his heart low towards me as You have made

moon in front of sunlight. O Allah he is Your slave and son of Your slave

girl, You have kept his legs and his forehead in Your control. You by his

hands and his legs can make my desires and wishes fulfilled without

doubt. You possess power over all things and He is also in that kingdom

in which there is no god except You the ever living the self-subsisting.

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