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His supplication seeking refuge from Allah

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! You are my Lord and I am Your slave, I have brought faith in

You. I am firm on Your covenant with sincerity, and after pledging my

covenant to You I seek forgiveness for my sins. I seek forgiveness for

those sins, which no one can forgive except You. My helplessness

wishes to take refuge in Your Majesty and Honour. My poverty seeks

refuge in Your self-sufficiency. My ignorance seeks refuge in Your

tolerance and my laxity seeks refuge in Your Power. My fear seeks

refuge in Your safety. My illness seeks refuge in Your cure. My death

seeks refuge in Your judgment. My weakness seeks refuge in Your

strength. My mortality seeks refuge in Your immortality. My extinction

seeks refuge in Your eternality. O Allah! From Whom the darkness of

the night is not concealed, nor the big sky is covered, neither the

creatures living in the sea nor those living in the bottom of sea are

hidden from You. O the one to nullify the strength and the one to waive

the troubles. O the One to send bounties from the skies. I request You,

O the one to open the ways, O the one Who rewards, O the possessor

of the keys of the treasures. I request You to bless Muhammad

(s.a.w.a.) and his pure progeny. Grant me the goodness of the world

and the Hereafter . Save me from the temptation, which has

overpowered me and which can destroy me. Don't entrust me to

somebody else even for a second, as he will be helpless of me, don't

make me away from Heaven. Have mercy on me, let me die as a

Muslim, and gather me together with pious people. Grant me pure

sustenance and save me from forbidden. O the most merciful of all the

mercifuls. O Allah! You have created the hearts and the minds for Your

recognition, the heart beats due to Your fear, and the heart is restless

due to Your love. The mind is weak for praising You and words are

unable to describe Your wonders, the tongues are dumb to describe

Your Praise and even if it praises You, understanding Your attributes

silences it, and now it circles around it in amazement which You have

established, as it is impossible for it to exceed Your limits, it is possible

for him to praise in the limits of the boundary made by You and the

tongues are the bounties bestowed by You. O Allah! You have a right

upon all Your creatures whom You have created and they should not act

niggardly and if this thankfulness is lesser than Your bounties they

praise according to their strength and power, and one who is lacking in

this depends on Your hopes, and those who fear You are accepting

Your lordship. The seekers come near to You with hopes. Those who

oblige are searching Your grace and all of them are busy in the shade of

Your Mercy and Forgiveness. Due to Your fear, degradation has

weakened them, they confess of not being thankful to Your bounties.

Those who were disobedient and did not follow Your commands their

deeds did not stop You from increasing their cattle, give them their full

measure and take sorrow away from them, and make them afraid of

Your chastisement. Or he who does goodness You increase his reward.

You have made thankfulness incumbent on those who obey You and

also made it obligatory on the evildoers. You have promised these doers

of good that Your obligation on them will be greater than their obligation.

You are pure, You give reward for those things which begin and end in

Your name. I praise You to such an extent that it achieves Your

happiness and like a person who by praising You reaches in Your

presence and by it becomes eligible for Your bounties. My Lord there is

a special support and specific bounties for Your beloved people, so

bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and grace us with Your

special support and specific bounties which are present at the time of

calamities, a protector at the time of loses, and deliverance from

destruction and an excellent guide to show the right path. O the one who

saves us from calamities, and the one to multiply good deeds. O the one

to increase the destinies and the one to perfect the bounties, O the one

to conceal the defects and to cover one's faults, grant me the grace and

to seek more forgiveness for the sins because You are too near and the

one to accept our supplications. And send blessings on Your appointed

and beloved creation and give excessive bounties to the recipient of

Your revelations. Send on them Your best of the bounties as they have

propagated Your message, explained Your laws clearly, called the

people to Your path, and with living examples have established proof of

Your existence till the time they acquired certainty. O Allah bless

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and also send mercy on the pure

progeny and reserve for them those bounties which You have selected

for Your special Prophets and have bestowed on them. O the most

merciful of all the mercifuls. O Allah! It is only Your wishes, that none

can restrain from fulfillment, the destructions have accepted defeat in

causing hurdles in completion of Your wishes. Thus by Your wishes and

by Your grace bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny and make

these wishes reach completion as You are the possessor of vast Mercy

and the forgiver, the acceptor of supplications and the hearer of the


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