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His Dua for expressing helplessness before

Allah and seeking forgiveness

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! From many things I ask You few things although I have great

desires from You and You are free from it and those wants are difficult

for me and easy for You. My Lord forgive my sins and overlook my

shortcomings and my great sins which are committed intentionally and

unintentionally. My greed, which is the result of my seeking those things,

which I am not worthy of but You by Your Grace and Mercy bestowed on

me. Which I saw by Your Powers and has reached me as an acceptance

of my prayers. Now I call You fearlessly and I ask You being intimate

with You, neither there is fear nor terror and I have presented myself in

Your presence. I am proud of You. Now if You delay in accepting my

prayers it is not due to Your ignorance although there was some

goodness for me in that delay as You are aware of every result.

Sufficient is for me that I have not found a more reliable lord than You.

My Lord You call me and I turn my face away from You. You express

Your love for me and I don't respond likewise to You. You expect

sincerity from me whereas I don't think of it. It seems that I have obliged

You, but still You are being generous and merciful towards me and

never slow in bestowing favours on me. Then have mercy on my errors,

bestow mercy on (here take your name with your fathers name e.g. Ali

son of Abu Talib) because You are generous and noble.

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