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His prayers praising Allah as taught to


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! I ask from You not from others. I bow to You and never bow to

anyone other than You. I ask Allah, O the one Who gives respite to

those who fear Him. O the refuge of the one who seeks refuge. You are

the doer of goodness and the one to find a way through difficulties. You

forgive our carelessness, erase our sins, record our good deeds, raise

our status. I ask from You all good wishes and success, such wishes

other than which to seek from You is not proper. O Allah! O the

Beneficent! By Your Beautiful Names! Those great examples and the

countless bounties and by those names which are near to You in

greatness and dearer to You who in the ranks are nearer to You and

honoured and whose intercession is closer to You, and very important in

position, the most effective for acceptance and by Your name which is

Protected, Glorious, Respected and Great, with which You are happy

and satisfied, and one who calls You by these name is Your beloved.

You accept his invocations and it is his right upon You that You do not

refuse his invocations. And by all those names which are mentioned in

Taurat and Injeel, Zaboor and Furqan (the Holy Quran). And by all those

names which are specialized for You, which You have informed to one

of Your creatures or none is aware of it and all those names, by which

the holders of Your Throne and other Angels and those appointed from

Your creation call upon You. By the right of those who call upon You,

who bow down to You, who seek refuge from You, and those who

complain to You. By the right of those who worship You whether on land

or sea, on plains or on hills he calls You. Like whose need is quite

severe and sins are manifold and has reached the door of death,

strength has given way, who has no hopes on his deeds. He is not able

to find anyone to accept his efforts and to forgive his sins other than

You. And he has come voluntarily. There is no intention to rebel due to

Your obedience. O the Protector of all disabled I ask You as there is no

god other than You. You are affectionate, the Great obliger, the Creator

of the Heavens and the Earth. Possessor of Majesty and Mercy. Knower

of the Unseen and Seen, You are the Beneficent, the Merciful. You are

rich, I am poor, You are everlasting I shall die, You will remain I shall

perish, You are the forgiver I am a sinner. You are the Lord and I am a

slave. You are the king and I am Your subject. You are honoured and I

am degraded. You are self-sufficient and I am dependent. You are alive

and I am dead You are ever living and I will perish. You are doer of good

and I am sinful. You are forgiving and I am a sinner. You are merciful

and I am a transgressor. You are the Creator and I am the creature. You

are Powerful, I am weak. You are the Provider and I am the seeker. You

are the satisfier and I am fearful. You are the sustainer and we are the

sustained ones. To whom should we complain and address our

grievances? You are most deserving from among them as You have

pardoned many of the sinners. How many of the transgressors have You

overlooked! Pardon me, overlook my faults, have mercy on me. Protect

me from the calamity which has befallen me. Don't degrade me due to

my errors. Help me, my parents and my children. Have mercy on us. O

Merciful of all the mercifuls and the possessor of respect and Honour

have mercy on us.

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