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This is an English translation for the famous book of "Al-Saheefah Al-Alawiyah" or "The Alawite Book," which is a collection of prayers and supplications (Duas) recited by the prince of believers and the cousin of prophet Mohammed and his son-in-law, imam Ali bin Abi-Talib (PUH).

This translation was found, thus I did not translate it myself but it is done by, as it seems, an Indian scholar. Thus, the terms and abbreviations used in this translation are different from the ones I used in my previous translations. However, the English used in this text is far more better than the simple English I used to translate with. Unfortunately, lot of Arabic names and titles were not translated into English and the reader is urged to check the meanings and learn more. Since the translator is an Indian (or a Persian maybe), thus there are some terms that are not indeed Arabic, like the word "Namaz" which means "prayer" and other words.

This book is considered as if it is the first volume of another book. The other one is called "Al-Saheefah Al-Sajjadiyah" or "The Sajjad's Book" which is another collection of prayers and supplications recited by imam Ali bin Al-Husain, the grandson of imam Ali the prince of believers, who had many titles like Al-Sajjad [one who prostrates so much] and Zainul-`Abideen [the best of worshippers].

In this book, you will encounter many Duas and supplications, including the famous prayer of morning "Dua Al-Sabah" and "Dua Komail" (which I translated before, but here it is translated in a better form).

Hope you enjoy reading!

Submitter: Taher Al-Shemaly (TJ)
November, 2007

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